The Church BBQ

Well, this weekend is my Church BBQ. It is always a great time and I really enjoy the fellowship of all of the men in our Men’s Club on Friday night while we are cooking. This year we will be cooking about 58 Butts and about 60 Lbs. of Chicken. That will feed a few hundred. On Friday night we will cook 3 cases of Baby Backs……….Ohhh Boy.

The actual BBQ is Saturday Oct. 13th. It is Church of the Advent on Franklin Road in Nashville, TN. There are games for the kids and live music. People generally come in and out between 11:30 and 4:00. We will be selling to go packs for all of the football fans that need to get their fix and go watch a game.

This week, I uploaded some new photos to the website and Mike added a video from a few weeks ago. It looks great. We are about to add the storefront and will begin selling merchandise. Things seem to be really coming together. I am meeting with a food broker this afternoon to talk more about distribution.

Check out the new website at


903 GLEAVES ST. NASHVILLE TN 37203 615-829-6023