I was groomed for competitive barbecuing by my uncle, Bruce Bringle, who competed in the very firstMemphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest . Bruce used to tell me stories about that cook-off and the fellow from Missouri that drank all night and caught his hog on fire so bad that the fire department came and hosed it down.

In 1991 I attended my first Memphis in May World BBQ Cook-off with my Girlfriend, now wife, Delaniah and her Cousins, the Wenzlers. I was a guest of the “Rolling Wonder Pigs”. Man what a year. I had an absolute blast. Little did we all know that it would be the last year of the Rolling Wonder Pigs. RWPRIP…..Seems we got a little out of hand that year. Memphis in May had a problem with some of the signage that a 7 year old boy in our booth was holding up asking women to show off various anatomical assets. I was hooked….

The team regrouped in 1993 under the new name of “Hog Wild” and under the leadership of Ernie Mellor and Tripp Murray. I joined the team that year. In 1995, my close friend and now Co-Captain, Dave Johnson joined Hog Wild with me and we cooked with those guys until 2003.

Around 1997, there was a cook-off scheduled in Nashville. I had been speaking with my close friend Shane Smith about the event and he really wanted us all to enter. It was different than Dave and I had done because it was KCBS rules. We had no cooker of our own but all wanted to compete. I had been working on a dry rub and thinking of a name. We met the organizer, Arlie Bragg and asked him about entering. He had a cooker but as the organizer couldn’t compete. We asked if we could use his cooker and he said yes. We were in……. The Peg Leg Porkers were born…..we had a little too much to drink at that competition, nearly got kicked out 3 times and did horribly but had a blast in Shane’s Dad’s RV, pissing off our neighbors who were only there to cook and not party…

In Memphis, Dave and I still continued to cook with Hog Wild. It wasn’t until 2004 that we broke off and reformed the Peg Leg Porkers to compete in the Memphis in May World BBQ cookoff. By this time, I had my Dry Seasoning bottled and Wet Sauce on the way.

Over the years, I had been speaking with potential sponsors. Most were people that I had done business with in a past life. I told them that we would eventually form a team and would like their help. They were all in. We started with an impressive stable of support.Lobel’s of New York for Meat, Woodsmoke Provisions for Seafood, and Master Graphics for our shirts and hats. We have since added Jim Beam Black . I honestly believe that we have the best sponsors any team could ask for.

2007 was our fourth year competing as the Peg Leg Porkers. We finished 18th in shoulders, 4th in Beef and 7th in Hot wings. It was great year by every measure. We had great parties, a great new sound system and produced the best pork yet. Our 35 members come from all walks of life and get along great. Everyone seems to have found their niche and contributes in one way or another.


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