Promoting a brand

Well, I spoke with a broker yesterday about Peg Leg Porker and how to get my products out there more in the marketplace. Launching and promoting a brand is a long road that has many moving parts. I am small and expensive and so I would be classified as a specialty item. That makes it hard to get on the big retailers shelves. My product is also expensive to produce so that makes things difficult.

The broker suggested that I join the Tennessee Specialty Food Association. They have done some good work helping companies like mine get products out there in the mainstream. I think that I will do that. They also work with the department of agriculture on the Pick Tennessee Products campaign which can help me. One of the problems is time. I work a fulltime job that is very demanding and have a wife and children that are also demanding, in a good way.

Next week the team and I will be getting ready for the competition at Opryland. It should be fun. We will be doing a KCBS cook and having it here in Nashville will make things easier. I will post some pictures and let you know how it goes.

Carey B

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