KCBS Competition

Well, we competed in a KCBS competition this weekend at Opryland. We had a great time but unfortunately did not do well at all. That is just how it goes sometimes. It is easy to look back and think of all of the things you did wrong after the fact but sometimes, you just don’t do well for a number of reasons. That is the way it goes. I don’t typically try to over think it. I just make a note of where I think we made mistakes and try to do those things differently next time.

We are used to competing in Memphis in May competitions and the KCBS is very different. For starters, you turn in Chicken, Ribs, Shoulder and Brisket as opposed to just turning in pork shoulder when we do Memphis. It is a chore trying to make sure that everything is on schedule and done right. It can be done but it just takes some practice and good timing. If we are going to do any more KCBS cooks, I would like to go to KCBS judging school and learn the complete judging criteria. That helped tremendously with Memphis in May.

All in all it was a good experience. We had a small crew and I think everyone had a good time. Mike Causey brewed some great beer, Terry Atkins made some great wings and Brian Hamilton made some great chicken. Dave and I were there as well as Cory Guerenno, Pat Martin, Frank Platt, Shane Smith and Patrick Julian.

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