Video Number 6 of the new smoker build

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Apr-19-2009

Well, We finished the smoker and I forgot to film while I was cooking on it. I have used it several times. This video explains some of the things that I would do differently next time and answers some questions.

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Refridgerator Smoker Video Number 5

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Apr-12-2009

We got the firebox finished and just have a little more to go. Hopefully we will finish this week.

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BY Peg Leg Porker ON Apr-10-2009

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Smoker Number 2

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Apr-09-2009

We are still working on the refridgerator smoker and should get more done this weekend. Hopefully I will post Video 5 by Sunday. In the mean time, I have another large cabinet in my driveway to make a smoker out of. It is actually an old Vulcan 4 Door warmer. I took the back doors off and will be putting it on a platform so basically it will be like the one we are building now. The difference in this smoker will be that I am going to have my metal fabricator do it. I took him plans today and so hopefully he will be able to get started in the next few days. Because I am paying them to do the work, hopefully they can complete it in about a week. I will post pictures when we are done.

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Building the New Smoker Part 4

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Mar-23-2009

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