Rockin the Beer Gut

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Aug-10-2009

You gotta love this song…..It’s my pick of the week.

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Smoker Build Video #8

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Aug-04-2009

Well, We finished the smoker and I forgot to film while I was cooking on it. I have used it several times. This video explains some of the things that I would do differently next time and answers some questions.

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A whole lotta BBQ stuff

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Jun-10-2009

Well, I have had a busy few months. We build two new cookers, one exploded at Memphis in May. We competed in Memphis in May. I released a new product, Smoke Like a Pro. I went on QVC. And this week, I am heading to the Big Apple BBQ with my good friend Pat Martin.

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Martin’s BBQ

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Jun-07-2009

I would like to congratulate my good friend and Peg Leg Porker Team Member, Pat Martin for making Bon Appetit’s top 10 new BBQ restaurant list in the July BBQ issue.

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Demolition of the old smoker

BY Peg Leg Porker ON May-04-2009

Well as many of you know, I burt down our old smoker last year. That is one reason I have been building a new smoker. Well, Memphis in May is fast approaching and so we have to demo the old smoker and get it off the trailer. It was sad to see her go.

That cooker was made from the old refridgerator of the place my friends and I grew up drinking in “The End Zone” RIP to the Smoker and the Bar

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