Awesome day to sit on the Patio at the Peg Leg Porker and watch the train roll o…

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Apr-11-2014


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There is nothing more all American than Barry White Wednesday at the Peg Leg Por…

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Apr-09-2014


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In case you missed this from last year. Here is an interview with my good friend…

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Apr-08-2014


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We will be appearing on Bizarre Foods America tonight along with several of our…

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Apr-07-2014


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Rev. Al Green, Billy Preston, RL Burnside, Rick James, Dry Ribs, Wings, Cold bee…

BY Peg Leg Porker ON Apr-05-2014


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